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General Livestock Rules and Guidelines apply to each species. Please read General Rules and Regulations carefully along with the rules for each show.


General Rules for all Livestock









Thursday August 24th, 2023


4-H and FFA Junior Market Goat Show

Thursday at 5:30 PM


Rules and entry forms for Junior Market Goat Show













Friday August 25th, 2023


4-H and FFA Junior Market Lamb Show

Friday at 5:30 PM


Rules and entry forms for Junior Market Lamb Show











Saturday August 26th, 2023

4-H and FFA Junior Beef Show

Saturday 1:00 pm

Rules and entry forms for Junior Beef Show











4-H and FFA Poultry Show and Auction

Saturday Starting at 6:30 pm

In May of 2023, FFA and 4-H members began their poultry projects specifically to participate in the Chattooga County Agricultural Fair. The 2023 Chattooga County Poultry Project is showcasing two different breeds again this year; the Gold Comet and Black Australorp. Each of these breeds are noted for excellent brown egg production and dual-purpose use. Each student received 8 three day old chicks to raise, was required to keep records, and attend a workshop on how to select their best three for judging. The student’s selected birds will be judged on August 26th, at 4:00 pm. Pens of three hens will be auctioned off at 7:00 pm with all of the proceeds going to the student. Cages will be provided for you to take your chickens home in. Please arrive by 6:30 PM to receive a bid number. Having a livestock project promotes responsibility, self motivation, responsible record keeping and agricultural education. Please come support our 4-H and FFA students of Chattooga County by purchasing their chickens!

​A special thank you to Mr. Yarbrough’s 8th grade Chattooga County’s FFA Basic Ag Class students who built cages for the buyers to take their chickens home in.

Poultry Judging - 4:00 PM with awards announced at 6:30 PM

Auction at 7:00 PM










Sunday, August 27th, 2023


4-H and FFA Junior Dairy Show

Sunday 2:00 pm



  Rules and entry forms for Dairy Show






Market Hog Preview Show

Sunday 6:00pm


Chattooga County FFA and 4-H students will be showing their Market Hogs at the fair in conjunction with the Young Farmer’s Tenth Annual Chattooga Youth Pig Project.  Students receive hogs in June and raise them for a final show and auction which will be held in November. This is an excellent opportunity for the public to have a preview of the hogs that will be auctioned.

There are sixteen pigs in the project this year. The event is coordinated by the Chattooga County Young Farmers Association to give local youth a taste of raising and showing livestock. 

The 2023 Chattooga County Agricultural Fair is pleased to give the public a sneak peek at the hogs that will be available for the November 2023 auction open to the public. The Market Hog Show will begin at 6:00 pm on Sunday, August 27th. There will be showmanship divisions followed with weight classes to determine the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the fair. The final show that will be followed with the auction is scheduled for November 6th, 2023 at the Chattooga County Agricultural Center. Buyers will be able to watch students show, purchase a pig at the auction and it will be delivered to the processor for the buyer.






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